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mr. cashmoney
mr. cashmoney
Always done work right and in time
Jason S
Jason S
Super nice, helpful people. No BS fees. I like it a lot!
Andy Chesser
Andy Chesser
Awesome company. Found a bike that had everything I wanted. They got the wiring fixed for me. Always helpful. Thank u Ray & Ransom
Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig
Fantastic company and people to deal with. I recently bought a Kawasaki Vulcan from Ray and his team. From beginning to end, they did exactly what the said they would. The bike was delivered to me as promised and the DMV paperwork and plates were handled in a timely manner. I will definitely buy from Unity again when the time comes. 2 thumbs up – way up !!
Shawn Ross
Shawn Ross
Check out these guys at unity powersports you won’t regret it i had a great experience here, while having my tire changed enjoying awesome conversation and interaction with the staff…they will take care of you and your bike like family 👍🏾
Eric “Aguywithfeet” Wissenbach
Eric “Aguywithfeet” Wissenbach
Great place! Great people! Fair prices! Definitely will use again.
Tommy Germain
Tommy Germain
Both Ray and John are very nice men to work with. They understood my problem with my generators and what my price limit was. Shawn is a very good mechanic. He explained to me what the problems were and how he fixed them. I recommend them highly.
Harold Marsh
Harold Marsh
I have known Ray for some time. I facilitated a couple of motorcycle purchases from him. Ray goes out of his way and is super friendly. He does not play games with you. If you want a great motorcycle Ray is the man to talk. We will be doing more business in the future.
john harris peralta
john harris peralta
I usually don’t post reviews but with my experience with GRRcycle, I had to share it. This dealership provided exellent customer service! I have called around to other delearships but the other dealerships made me feel like I have to compete with the sales man. GRRcycles on the other hand was very professional, fair with prices, and ultimately cares about their customers. Ray patiently worked with me and even gave me a discount for being a service member. This dealership took initiative and made the whole puchase process smooth for me even though I’m in Kansas with no ties to Florida. I strongly recommend this dealership, and when you do business with them you’ll see what me and other customers are talking about.
Eduardo Bado Barreto
Eduardo Bado Barreto
Ray and his team were amazing. They took my 2019 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse in consignment. They keep me informed of the people interested in the bike. They are super professionals, honest and the customer service they provide is 10 stars. I will do business with them at any time.

Enjoy Awesome Perks & Benefits By Hiring Regular Motorcycle Services In North Brooksville, FL!

For most people having a motorcycle is nothing more than a fascinating and tempting desire. However, very few people understand the sheer dedication and care it demands to keep the motorbike in its top-notch condition.

Having a motorcycle is similar to having any other vehicle. Motorcycles need a similar kind of care & service to perform in their best possible condition.

Even though many people all over the globe prefer doing motorcycle service by themselves to save some money but experts suggest getting the help of a licensed motorcycle service shop to avoid any further damage.

According to motorcycle manufacturers, one should get regular motorcycle service after completing the three thousand km run. Routine maintenance of the motorcycle keeps the motorcycle in perfect condition and also improves the mileage & life of the motorbike.

One gets numerous benefits from routine motorcycle service. The only condition is to hire the best motorcycle service shop in North Brooksville, FL to perform the motorcycle repair & service to unleash satisfactory results.

In Hernando County, many motorcycle repair shops offer motorcycle repair & service at different rates. However, one should only finalize the motorcycle repair shop by researching customer feedback & company certification.

Now, let’s discuss the various benefits in depth to emphasize the importance of regular motorcycle service.

Benefits Of Regular Motorcycle Service In North Brooksville, FL

1) Improves The Bike Performance

With frequent motorcycle service & repair, motorcycle performance enhances many folds. However, motorcycle service & repair performed by amateur motorcycle repair shops increases the risk of damage caused to the expensive parts of the motorcycle & therefore can result in an overall costly process.

Thus, motorcycle repair results are far better when experts repair motorcycles. Experts at the leading service shop personally clean and fix all the parts. At leading motorcycle repair shops near me in North Brooksville, FL, mechanics puts hours of work into the engine to make it perform like a new engine.

At Unity Powersports, our team of mechanics personally lubricate & adjust each part of the bike during motorcycle repair. The certified mechanics at Unity Powersports don’t leave any part of the motorcycle during the service to obtain phenomenal results.

2) Reduces The Wear & Tear Rate Of Motorcycle Parts

As we know, regular use of bikes increases the rate of wear and tear of motorcycle parts. However, with the help of regular maintenance & timely motorcycle repair, one can slow down the wear and tear rate of the motorcycles.

Choosing Unity Powersports as a motorcycle service company gives our clients a competitive edge over others. We clean & lubricate each part of the motorcycle at reasonable rates. Moreover, at Unity Powersports, our team changes the engine oil at regular intervals, which results in slowing down the wear & tear rate of motorcycle parts.

3) Keeps The Motorcycle Warranty Intact

Regular motorcycle maintenance during the warranty period is best for the motorcycle. In Hernando County, motorcycle manufacturers and dealers give one year warranty period. Under the warranty period, one must keep performing routine checkups to take full advantage.

At Unity Powersports, we also offer a warranty on our sold motorcycles. Within that time, the motorcycle repair & service is totally on us with no hidden costs.

4) Helps In Pre-Identification Of Serious Problems

Another lucrative benefit of routine motorcycle service & repair is that motorcycle repair shops near me in North Brooksville, FL identifies the serious problems before they transform into unavoidable costly issues.

Thus, getting routine motorcycle repair & service from leading experienced motorcycle repair shops near me like Unity Powersports helps save money by identifying and fixing the big problems in its micro stage.

At Unity Powersports, we fix all sorts of problems in coolant, engine, sprocket, or clutch before it gets too expensive to fix during routine motorcycle service checkups.

5) Increases The Re-Sale Value Of Used Motorcycles

Regular motorcycle repair not only gives the benefits till the time we use the motorcycles but also contributes to one of the most significant perks at the time of reselling.

In Hernando County or any location, motorcycle owners get an edge while dealing with the motorcycle buyer when the bike is in its top-notch state & has a complete detailed service record. Buyers pay more money for regularly maintained & serviced bikes.


Hire Unity Powersports To Enjoy Motorcycle Service At Reasonable Rates In North Brooksville, FL!

In Hernando County, motorcycle repair shops near me either possess less or no experience in motorcycle service or charge hefty amounts for basic motorcycle repair & maintenance.

Thus, many bikers try to perform motorcycle repairs by themselves, but the most significant disadvantage of DIY is that no one can’t guarantee successful results. You need an established, insured & certified yet affordable motorcycle repair shop in North Brooksville, FL arises.

This is where a qualified yet affordable motorcycle service shop (company) like Unity Powersports can help. Unity Powersports is a motorcycle repair, sell-purchase, and consignment company based in North Brooksville, FL with nearly four-decade plus of experience.

Unity Powersports is best known for offering personalized services depending on the specific requirement of the clients. Other than motorcycle repair, Unity Powersports also deals in the below-mentioned domains:

  1. a) Purchase & Sell Of Used Bikes: Apart from fixing & repairing all sorts of motorcycles, Unity Powersports also buys & sells used second-hand motorcycles at top-dollar offers.
  1. b) Consignment Services: As a leading motorcycle dealership company, we offer consignment services in Hernando County. As a reputed consignment dealer, on behalf of our clients, we sell their motorcycles at good rates at reasonable commission charges.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a trusted & certified motorcycle service company in North Brooksville, FL, consider contacting us on 352-474-2447 & we would be delighted to assist in fixing your beloved motorcycles.


North Brooksville is a census-designated place (CDP) in Hernando County, Florida, United States. The population was 3,544 at the 2010 census. It is a suburb included in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

North Brooksville is located in east-central Hernando County at 28°33′48″N 82°24′2″W / 28.56333°N 82.40056°W (28.563392, -82.400677). It borders the northwest, north, and northeast sides of the city of Brooksville, the Hernando County seat.

U.S. Route 98 runs through the western part of North Brooksville, leading south into Brooksville and northwest 20 miles (32 km) to Homosassa Springs. U.S. Route 41 crosses the central reach of North Brooksville, leading south into Brooksville and north 19 miles (31 km) to Inverness.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 6.6 square miles (17.1 km2), of which 0.02 square miles (0.05 km2), or 0.29%, are water.

Learn more about North Brooksville.

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