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Motorcycle Consignment Service

Motorcycle Consignment

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Consignment selling is an arrangement where a 3rd party is contracted to sell your motorcycle, in this case G.R.R. Cycles. To protect you: we only have the motorcycle, the title stays with you. We treat your motorcycle as if it were part of our own showroom inventory. As the motorcycle dealership we screen and handle ALL potential buyers.

Once a buyer is found and the sale is complete:  You sign-over the title to G.R.R. cycles, and we handle all closing transactions.

Easy. No Stress. Fast.

  • Random people showing up at your home, or public meeting place. 
  • No one wasting your time with low-ball offers.
  • Dealing with people who want a "test ride" but dont have cash on hand. This is especially true for high value motorcycles!!!
  • You are not restricted to cash buyers. Motorcycle loans are EASIER to get when a dealership is involved. G.R.R. Cycles can also handle financing for every credit situation, increasing the number of potential buyers.
  • The DMV process is handled by G.R.R. Cycles instead of the buyer and seller. Saving both time and money, and removing potential liability for the seller.
  • You want top dollar for your motorcycle!
  • Its safe!

G.R.R. Cycles Motorcycle Consignment is easy!

  1. Give us a call and tell us about your situation and your motorcycle.
    • We discuss the year,make, model.
    • The condition.
    • The market value of your motorcycle.
    • We schedule a time for you to bring the motorcycle to the dealership.
  2. The bike goes through inspection at our service department.
  3. Sign the contract, leave the bike with us.

Thats it! We handle everything else. Once a buyer is found and we complete the sale, we contact you to bring the title and pay you.

Our fees are easy, and cost effective:

  • We charge $500.00 thats due when the bike is sold.
  • If we sold the bike for more than agree'd upon price, we split the difference 50/50 with you.
    • We have a financial incentive to sell your bike for more!
    • in this scenario the seller typically pays much less, or nothing in selling fees. 
    • You make more money on your motorcycle.

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